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Richardson DMD
Dental Services

Dental Restorations

Repair of broken teeth,

White fillings, White crowns

Cosmetic Dentistry


Veeners, Bleaching,

Silver Filling Replacement, Stain Removal

Emergency Dentistry

Treatment of trauma

and infection

Pediatric  Dentistry
Treatment of Cavities,
Exams, Orthodontic Referrals,

Space Maintenance Appliances


Dental Hygiene

Yearly Hygiene Cleanings and
Treatment of Gum Disease
Implant Dentistry

Implant planning,
Implant restoration of missing teeth 
Dental Exams
Comprehensive, Yearly Recall, and  Emergency Exams


Other Service

Routine Extractions,
Dentures, Partial Dentures,

Night Guards, Root Canals
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